Yellow Perch
 (adapted mainly from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans website.)

The yellow perch is a member of the perch family of fishes and has the following characteristics:

  • an elongated, oval body
  • a moderately long, blunt snout which does not extend beyond the lower jaw
  • two well separated dorsal fins
  • a mouth that reaches to below the middle of the eye
  • the back and top of the head are bright green to olive to golden brown and this colour extends downwards to form six to eight vertical bars over the yellow to yellow-green sides
  • the underside is white

The food of the yellow perch changes with size and season but it is mainly composed of immature insects, larger invertebrates, and the eggs and young of a wide variety of fishes. It is an active feeder during the whole year and can be angled summer and winter.

The yellow perch is an important sport fish, and is an excellent food fish and is marketed fresh and frozen.   They are one of the finest flavored of all panfish.

When fishing for yellow perch, look for well covered waters such as reeds and weeds. Other artificial structures such as floating docks and pylons are also extremely productive.  Due to their small size, an ultralight setup is ideal. A spinning rod up to 6 feet and a small spinning reel spooled with 4lb test line are sufficient enough for yellow perch. For kids, attach a small float to the line several feet above the hook with a few small split shots pinched onto the line. Your hook size should be between #2 to #6. If it is any smaller, you will end up deep hooking the fish each time. The most commonly used bait is worms. Thread a piece of worm onto the long shank hook and cast it out so it is near underwater structures. Don't be surprised if your float disappears immediately as yellow perch do not hesitate when they see food.

There are other popular methods for yellow perch. When targeting bigger fish, a rubber jig can be used to imitate an injured fish. Allow the jig to sink to the bottom before jigging it between short retrieves.

Small spinners will also work well as they create irresistible vibrations in the water. Be sure to carry different colours when lure fishing so you can adapt to the water colour and lighting. Falcon Lake Marina and Faloma Beach Marina both have the right lures and bait to get you set for yellow perch fishing.

The yellow perch may be the easiest of all fish to catch and is a favourite sport fish of children. The Faloma Beach Marina Annual Kids Fishing Derby is often a dark and dangerous day for yellow perch, but a great day for the kids of Falcon Lake.

Yellow perch are delicious when pan fried.   Falcon Lake Marina and Faloma Beach Marina sell a wonderful breading mixture for pan frying.